MAPPPD (Mapping Application for Penguin Populations and Projected Dynamics) is an open access decision support tool created and curated by Oceanites, an NGO dedicated to counting penguins in Antarctica. It links directly to the Antarctic Penguin Biodiversity Project database and allows Antarctic enthusiasts and stakeholders to explore and download the most up-to-date publicly available penguin census records for the entirety of the white continent.

Who are we?

MAPPPD is the product of an international collaboration of Antarctic researchers collecting data to study how this fragile polar ecosystem is changing through time.

Dr Heather Lynch

Dr Christian Che-Castaldo

Dr Grant Humphries
Web master

Ron Naveen
Founder Oceanites

Antarctic Site Inventory partners

The Antarctic Site Inventory is an Oceanites led research program supported by partners from all over the world and collects census data for penguin populations throughout the Antarctic peninsula.

Penguin Watch

Black Bawks data science

The Lynch Lab



Relevant publications

Since its launch in 2016, MAPPPD has been widely used by the scientific and management community to help drive specific conservation objectives. The following manuscripts are the more relevant papers to MAPPPD and its usage.

Che-Castaldo et al. 2017

Humphries et al. 2017

State of Antarctic Penguins


Would you like to contribute to MAPPPD? Click the button to find out how you can be a penguin detective and help build and maintain the database.

Endorsements and funding

MAPPPD is proudly endorsed by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research and the Expert Group on Birds and Marine Mammals


Initial funding for MAPPPD was provided through an award from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA award nnx14ac32g) with further support from Oceanites Inc. and Black Bawks Data Science Ltd.